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Provides insights how an organization can reduce costs and create value through sustainability

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Using the insights from our sustainability quick scan or a given challenge we will find the proper sustainability solutions

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Nature’s inspiration 

Out of the box thinking with inspiration from proven strategies out of the natural world. This will help to develop and optimize products, services and processes. Very effective during an away day or pitch.

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Some examples where strategies from the natural world has led to succesful innovations

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Charles Darwin
We can solve challenges in our economy by applying proven strategies from the natural world

The way we produce, consume and organize leads to exhausting of our planet and its inhabitants. This creates issues now and for sure is not durable.

There’s 3.8 billion years of evolution that gives us a blueprint how to survive and thrive as a species, without exhausting the surroundings or inhabitants. We help businesses to use these principles from nature in order to innovate and become sustainable.

Sustainability means ‘fit to be durable’. For a business this implies not only having a healthy relationship with our planet, it’s about future proof leadership and organization as well

Nature’s Right consults on sustainability and facilitates in implementing solutions and communications with stakeholders. Generating economical, ecological and social value as a result

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"In our second internal Tech Update of 2020 we welcomed Wouter Swenneker who had a very inspiring talk about 'Biomimicry'. We learned a thing or two about how nature can inspire technological innovation. After all, how can you compete with 3.8 billion years of R&D."

Jeroen Thissen

Creative Director, CODE D'AZUR

"Een verfrissende workshop die ons op een originele manier nieuwe inzichten heeft gegeven. En ook nog eens met een boodschap die blijft hangen. Niet alleen in de vertaling naar concrete acties voor ons team, maar ook in relatie tot de waarde van alles om ons heen. En juist dat laatste maakt het origineel en eigentijds, waardoor we nog regelmatig terugvallen om de opvallende inzichten die Wouter met ons heeft gedeeld. Een aanrader dus!"

Sandor Jansen

Head of Business FD Mediagroep Effect
Re-value testimonial

"Dankzij de ‘Re-value Workshop’ is het gelukt om “waste” van immateriële waarde bloot te leggen en om te zetten naar nieuwe manieren om waarde te creëren. De verschillende opdrachten zorgen voor meer bewustwording en slimme toepassingen die efficiency verhogen. Erg interessant om aan deel te nemen!"

Bojan Stigter

Head of Strategy

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