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Re-value: more value with less work thanks to 3,8 billion years of experience


Nearly every organization is dealing with this challenge: too much work, not enough time. This immense workload leads to a decay of output, malfunctioning staff and a talent drain. 

People believe that more work leads to better results. The good news is that we don’t always have to work harder for a better (financial) result.


Nature is the prime example of value creation and effective use of resources. That inspires two things:

1. Circularity in a knowledge economy. Smart reuse of intellectual capital (e.g. good ideas that arise during a lost pitch and reuse of collected data)
Letting go of what doesn’t work (evolution/circle of life)


To handle human capital and intellectual capital even more effectively, we have created a program: Re-value. These are assignments and workshops that help your team/company to get more value from less work. We do this in a very effective and original way, with examples from the natural world and from business practice.

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We're proud of all our successful Re-value workshops. We've delivered in live editions and in digital sessions. Two examples:

A few of our Re-value clients:

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