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Provides insights how an organization can reduce costs and create value through sustainability

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Using the insights from our sustainability quick scan or a given challenge we will find the proper sustainability solutions

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Inspiration from nature

Out of the box thinking with inspiration from proven strategies out of the natural world. Very effective during an away day or pitch.

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A couple of examples where proven strategies from nature have led to successful innovations

We can solve challenges in our economy by applying proven strategies from the natural world.

The way we produce, consume and organize leads to exhausting of our planet and its inhabitants. This creates issues now and for sure is not durable.

There’s 3.8 billion years of evolution that gives us a blueprint how to survive and thrive as a species, without exhausting the surroundings or inhabitants. We help businesses to use these principles from nature in order to innovate and become sustainable.

Sustainability means ‘fit to be durable’. For a business this implies not only having a healthy relationship with our planet, it’s about future proof leadership and organization as well

Nature’s Right consults on sustainability and facilitates in implementing solutions and communications with stakeholders. Generating economical, ecological and social value as a result

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"A refreshing workshop that gave us new insights in an original way. Impactful and with a message that sticks. Not only very practical for our team, but puts everything around us in perspective as well. This combination makes it original and contemporary and we still refer to the remarkable insights that Wouter shared with us. So highly recommended!"

Sandor Jansen

Head of Business FD Mediagroep Effect
Re-value testimonial

"The ‘Re-value Workshop’ enabled to detect intangible “waste” in our supply chain en convert this into value. The range of exercises create awareness and unlock nifty applications that increase efficiency. Very interesting to participate in!"

Bojan Stigter

Head of Strategy

An excellent, curiosity-stoking and highly informative talk! This guest appearance has really elevated our B Corp month, and has already had an impact on our day-to-day.

Stephen Kiernan

Internal Communications

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