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A successful organization with 15,000 staff members, without managers

Pyramids  as a structure in organizations are not effective when the systems become larger/more complex. The board and other executives cannot oversee reality, with slow or harmful decision making as a result. In addition it takes its toll on staff members.

Leadership is to govern an organization like it’s a living system<br />

Buurtzorg is a very successful homecare organisation. It consists of small detachments, basically mini companies, which do not contain managers.  They serve clients based on their own judgement. Satisfaction rates of both clients and staff members are sky high. Buurtzorg NL has been awarded best employer of The Netherlands five times in a row.

This way of working is very effective. Buurtzorg needs less than 40% of the time doctors prescribed to care for their patients, a study of EY stated.

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